ECO Canada - Environmental Careers Organization Canada

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PD Training

ECO Canada teaches you skills that you can apply right away, so you start seeing immediate results.

Choose from self-paced online courses, webinars, and corporate training.

EP® Certification

Nearly 6,000 Environmental Professionals have been nationally recognized in Canada.

Join their ranks and discover how an industry-leading Environmental Professional (EP®) Certification can set you apart from the competition.

Grow Your Team: Wage Funding Available

Receive up to $15,000 to hire full-time professionals under the age of 31. Funding still available!


Raise the profile of your post-secondary program as an elite, nationally-recognized program that meets industry needs with our accreditation program.

Employment Funding

Receive up to $15,000 in wage funding when you hire a young professional through our Internship Program.


Our findings help inform the decisions made by governments, industry planners, educators and future and current environmental professionals.

Indigenous Training

Our BEAHR training programs have helped Indigenous Communities develop technical environmental skills and foster rewarding careers.