ECO Canada was founded in 1992 as a way to help nurture Canada’s burgeoning environmental sector.

For over 20 years, we’ve studied the environmental labour market and examined ways to improve access for new graduates as well as those entering the industry mid-career.

The data we collect provides insights on green career trends, from top jobs to skills gaps to high-growth sectors. Governments, educators, youth and industry planners use our findings to make decisions and formulate strategy.

Our research has also informed our development of the Environmental Professional Certification (EP) — an occupational standard for skills and training — as well as ongoing training and professional development for Canada’s EPs.

We impact the environmental sector every day:

We’re dedicated to understanding and serving the needs of our country’s environmental professionals and employers from coast to coast.


To ensure an adequate supply of people with the demonstrated skills and knowledge required to meet the environmental human resource needs of the public and private sectors.


To build the world’s leading environmental workforce.



We will maintain independence in all areas of activity from funding to the development of policy positions.

Service & Quality

Our long-term success depends on our ability to provide value to industry, employers, and the workforce by ensuring high quality products and services.


The collective interest of our members are paramount over the individual needs of any particular member. By reflecting the collective interests of our members and stakeholders in our policy positions and activities, we will be contributing to achieving the broader needs of society.


The need to consider not only the protection of the environment, but also human health and quality of life of individuals and communities achieved through prosperity and an equitable participation of all, is a principle that underlie all our activities.


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