EP_highres-320x289Join over 3,000 Environmental Professionals who demonstrate their professionalism, commitment to the field, and dedication to continual improvement with the Environmental Professional (EP) Certification.

About EP Certification

Since 2001, EP Certification has been the national standard of excellence for environmental work.

With a community of over 3,000 certified members, professionals across Canada are seeking EP to elevate the profession and to gain formal recognition of their environmental expertise.

EPs are a diverse group of professionals – including environmental scientists, engineers, biologists, researchers, managers, consultants, and executives – that meet the national standard of education, work experience, and validated environmental skills and knowledge according to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Environmental Employment.

EPs demonstrate professional integrity by abiding by the code of ethics and their dedication to remain on top of current practices.

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Being certified has provided me with the opportunity to meet other professionals in my area of practice, to network with them, and to keep current in evolving trends in the auditing profession. I’ve made so many invaluable contacts.

Shauna Argue EP (EMSLA) & EP(CEA)