I'm an EP®

Get Ahead with an Environmental Professional (EP®) Designation

We award EP® Certification to intermediate or seasoned professionals after a rigorous review of:


Must have a recognized diploma or degree

Employment History

Minimum five years of relevant experience

Environmental Specialization Knowledge

Passes assessment according to the National Occupational Standards (NOS)

Core Competencies

Validated skills and knowledge by reputable peers

Requirements for EP


Meet the standard of environmental skills and knowledge according to National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Environmental Employment in Canada


Demonstrate professional integrity as they are accountable to the EP Code of Ethics

Professional Development

Remain current by meeting annual professional development requirements


Meet the minimum standard for your chosen specialization(s) as set out by the NOS

Environmental Specializations

All applicants applying for an EP® designation must select at least one, and up to five specializations for assessment, as set out by the NOS. Each specialization is related to four core areas:

  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Protection
  • Resource Management
  • Environmental Sustainability

There are 14 total specializations to consider including:

  • Environmental Manager

  • Air Quality

  • Waste Management

  • Water Quality

  • Health & Safety

  • Site Assessment & Reclamation

  • Fisheries & Wildlife

  • Energy

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Sustainability

  • Education & Training

  • Policy & Legislation

  • Research & Development

  • Communications & Public Awareness

Still not convinced? Here are just a few reasons to become an EP®:

National recognition of your expertise

Access to a network of leading industry professionals

25% Off professional development training like courses, workshops and webinars

Participate in the Mentorship program

Be nominated for a Member Spotlight or Annual EP Award

Share your industry knowledge by becoming a speaker or becoming a guest blogger

Get noticed in your job search – Over 1,000 job board postings have given preference to EPs

Discounts on environmentally-friendly retailers, travel providers and insurance providers

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