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How to Inspire (and Keep) Your Environmental Staff

by Angie Knowles, Communications | July 18, 2012 | in Build Your Team




How to Inspire (and Keep) Your Environmental Staff
For environmental employers, the process of finding and keeping talented staff is often easier said than done
This issue is not a reflection of low levels of engagement or motivation amongst green workers. Compared to a national average, Canadian environmental staff have higher than usual rates of engagement, as noted in the blog post here
For many of these professionals, working in the green sector is a rewarding and challenging career that aligns with their desire to improve the environment, perform a variety of tasks on the job and work outdoors.
Yet although environmental professionals may have higher than average levels of engagement, a greater proportion of them are also Strategic Switchers, meaning that they are highly engaged but do not intend to stay with their current employer for three years or more.
As a result, the challenge for employers is not simply in attracting workers who want to work in an environmental company. It’s about finding workers that want to stay and work for your company. 
What can employers do to counter this trend and inspire their staff to stay? We’ve just completed a study that addresses this question and found an interesting solution. In the Employer HR Strategies report, environmental companies described four different approaches or profiles that they used to attract and retain their employees.
These four different Employer of Choice profiles and their associated employee retention solutions are featured in the infographic below.
(For best viewing, click on the image to see the full-sized version.)
How to Inspire and Keep Your Environmental Staff - Infographic
To discover which one of these profiles is the most representative of your own company, we’ve come up with a quick profile matching quiz here.
The Employer HR Strategies study has arrived at numerous other insights that we’re really excited to share! We’ve put these findings together in two different presentations that you can access by clicking on the presentation titles below.
To see what the report uncovered for environmental employers, check out this presentation: 
To see report findings that can help environmental professionals and educators, check out this presentation: 
your company.' >

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