ECO Canada’s International Environmental Youth Corps (IEYC) program supports employers that hire young environmental practitioners. You could receive up to $12,000 in wage subsidies.

Young minds, bright ideas.

Use your new hire’s fresh perspectives, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help out during busy periods or to finish up projects that would otherwise go undone. 95% of past IEYC hosts felt their new hire met or exceeded expectations. Add these quality candidates to your team and start training your future star employees.

The application process

To join the IEYC program you’ll need to follow a few steps:

  1. Sign in to your ECO Canada account (or create a free ECO Canada account)
  2. Answer five quick questions to determine your company’s eligibility
  3. Submit the Internship Application Form and the required documentation

Once your application is approved, you’ll have 30 days to recruit a suitable candidate. We’re happy to advertise the position for you on the ECO Job Board at a discounted rate.

Funding for the 2014 IEYC program has been 100% allocated. Sign up to be notified when more funding is available.

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The IEYC wage subsidy made such an immediate, positive difference in the early stages of the employment relationship. First and foremost, it made it easier to say ‘yes’ and enable training opportunities for our intern.


Karin Hedetniemi, Director of Business and Human Resources, Inside Education
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Our internship would not have been possible without the wage subsidy. Our internship was made successful by having the funds available to train our intern, and our intern’s motivation and ability to learn was a great asset. We would most definitely recommend this program to other employers in our industry.


Bruce Blackwell, Principal, B.A. Blackwell and Associates Ltd.
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