EYC Internship Program

Funded through Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Science Horizons Program, the Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) EYC Internship Program gives eligible employers who work in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, up to 50% of an intern’s salary (up to $15,000) for new full-time environmental jobs.

EYC Internships typically last 12 months and are intended to lead to permanent employment.

We are accepting applications for the 2016 EYC program.

*Please note you’ll have 30 days from your date of approval to recruit an eligible intern.

How the program works

EYC Internship Process

Who’s eligible?



  • Canadian owned or a Canadian subsidiary
  • Offering a full-time, permanent position
  • Providing an environment-related position in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
  • Planning to hire a new employee (the intern cannot be an existing employee)
  • Intend to lead an environmental career related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
  • 30 years of age or younger
  • Eligible to work in Canada and a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or refugee status
  • Graduated from a post-secondary institution
  • Able to work in a full-time, permanent position
  • Unemployed or under employed
  • Have not participated previously in a federal youth employment or education program
  • Not currently employed as a paid employee at the host organization
  • Not a family member of the host organization’s directors or senior officers

Get started!

I want to be a host I want to be an intern

The wage subsidy made such an immediate, positive difference in the early stages of the employment relationship. First and foremost, it made it easier to say ‘yes’ and enable training opportunities for our intern.


Karin Hedetniemi, Director of Business and Human Resources, Inside Education
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Our internship would not have been possible without the wage subsidy. Our internship was made successful by having the funds available to train our intern, and our intern’s motivation and ability to learn was a great asset. We would most definitely recommend this program to other employers in our industry.


Bruce Blackwell, Principal, B.A. Blackwell and Associates Ltd.
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