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Featured Report

Careers in Environmental Professional Services: Current Job Trends and Future Growth

2013 Environmental Professional Services Study

Over the course of ECO Canada's research on careers in different Canadian environmental sub-sectors, we noticed an important trend: the same 4 occupations kept cropping up. In fact, these top occupations accounted for the largest proportion of job vacancies in our sample, were in strong demand across multiple sub-sectors, and shared a clear connection to Environmental Professional Services.

Since these 4 occupational paths represent a strong opportunity for green job seekers, our Careers in Environmental Professional Services report provides an in-depth look at the characteristics, required skills, and top employer industries for each of these occupations.

Interested in learning what these top 4 occupations are and how you can get started? Read this report to learn more!

Careers in Environmental Professional Services is part of our Environmental Sub-Sector Profiling Series. This series includes these other reports: Careers in Sustainability and Careers in Energy >>

  • Where the jobs are: Key sectors and employers for the top 4 environmental occupations in Canada
  • What the jobs are: Detailed information on education, required skills, and typical employers
  • Career insights: An insider look at specific career options within the 4 top occupations


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