For over two decades, we’ve worked with policy makers, industry leaders, employers, and professionals to study the Canadian environmental labour market.

Our findings help inform the decisions made by governments, industry planners, educators and future and current environmental professionals.

Our labour market research is funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives program and adheres to strict research guidelines.

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Environmental Career Choice & Planning

Plan your ideal environmental career path with detailed info on the top employers, skills requirements, and available jobs in different environmental sub-sectors.

Snapshots of Supply and Demand

The snapshots below feature the key characteristics of the environmental workforce, and the future demand for workers. By viewing them together, you’ll gain a complete picture of the Canadian Environmental Workforce.

Canadian Environmental Employment

Explore the trends that define the overall demand for environmental workers in Canada.

Green Economy and Green Jobs

Explore green employment opportunities and impacts of the green economy.

Labour Supply Issues

Learn more about the issues that impact sources of environmental workers in Canada.

National Occupational Standards

Review our National Occupational Standards (NOS) to see how environmental employment is defined and measured.

HR Strategies & Management

Customize your HR strategy with these reports on building, motivating, and engaging your environmental team.


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