Find meaningful environmental jobs.

Apply for pre-approval to become an intern in our Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) Internship Program. Once you’ve been pre-approved, you’ll need to find an eligible employer to host your internship. This employer must also apply for and receive approval to participate in the program.

The internship starts once you and your host have received approval, been matched, and provided all final contracts and salary documentation.

Space is limited. Apply for pre-approval today!

We are accepting applications for pre-approved interns. 

Intern eligibility requirements

How the program works

1. Complete Application

Login to your ECO Canada account and complete the 5 minute application. You’ll need to provide the following details:

Apply for pre-approval

2. Get Approved by EYC Team

We’ll review your application and email you within 10 business days if you are pre-approved.

3. Find Host & Have Host Apply

Received approval? You’ll need to find an eligible employer who will host your internship.

Make sure that this employer also applies for the program and receives approval.

Who’s eligible to host? See host eligibility criteria >

4. Host Approved and Matched

Once your internship host has been approved, they will contact us to confirm that you are their intern match.

5. Start Internship & Receive Subsidy Installments

After you and your host are matched, we’ll send final contracts to start the internship and specify wage subsidy payments.

Throughout the internship, you’ll need to provide Intern Reports by all scheduled due dates.

The EYC Internship Team may also conduct periodic monitoring calls and site visits.

How to find a host

Need to find an eligible employer to host your internship? Click the PDF link below for resources and tips to help you in your job search.

How to find a host

For even more resources to find environmental jobs, see our Job Seeker Playbook course. See the course >

Once you’ve received pre-approval, we’ll also send you an invite to join a private LinkedIn group to network with fellow EYC pre-approved interns.

Frequently asked questions


Does ECO Canada match interns to internship hosts?

All pre-approved interns are responsible for finding an internship host who meets the EYC Internship Program requirements.

Although ECO Canada does not match interns with employers, we do provide resources to help you in your job search, including the ECO Job Board, EP Certification, and a unique job search course called the Job Seeker Playbook.

I’ve been “Pre-Approved.” What does that mean?

Being “Pre-Approved” means that you meet the basic eligibility requirements for the EYC Internship Program.

Your final approval to become an EYC intern depends on:

  • Funding availability
  • Finding an internship host who has applied for the program, been approved, and selected you as their intern match
  • Relevance of the internship position to science, technology, engineering or mathematics
How long should I wait to hear back at different points in the process?
  • Submitted an application: We’ll contact you within 10 business days to let you know if you’ve been pre-approved.
  • Applied for a job with a potential internship host: This timing depends on the employer’s recruitment process. Please make sure you follow-up with the employer if you have questions, as ECO Canada does not arrange internship placements or recruitment.
  • Internship host has been approved and you have been successfully matched: You will be notified immediately if you and your internship host are matched and ready to start the internship.
How do I submit my Intern Reports?

The link to each Intern Report will become accessible one month before the report is due. To access your Intern Report, login to your ECO Canada account, go to the “My Jobs” tab, scroll down to “My Internship” and click “Reporting.”


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