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Technical Advisor II

Company: Nunavut Impact Review Board
Location : Cambridge Bay,NU
Company Profile

The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) was created through the Nunavut Agreement (1993) to be an independent agency responsible for providing Government with determinations regarding the potential impacts of proposed development projects, whether or not they should be permitted, and if so, under what terms and conditions. The NIRB is Nunavut's environmental assessment board, responsible for all of the land and marine areas of the Nunavut Settlement Area, approximately 1/5 of Canada.

We play an important role in shaping the future of Nunavut, Canada’s youngest and largest territory. The NIRB provides its employees with significant opportunities for job satisfaction, personal growth & career advancement. The NIRB offers competitive salaries as well as relocation assistance, a significant Northern Living Allowance, Vacation Travel Assistance and other benefits.

Job Description

The Technical Advisor II leads the environmental assessments of proposed development projects and the monitoring programs for approved projects referred to the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) under Article 12 of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA) and Part 3 of the Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act (NuPPAA). With a focus on managing the assessments and monitoring programs for major development projects, this position may act as a subject-matter expert when providing advice to senior management and the Board, ensuring that assessments are undertaken in a fair, inclusive and timely manner.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Coordinates and leads the environmental assessments of proposed projects:

  • Strong focus on drafting public correspondence, technical reports and recommendations on behalf of the NIRB
  • Reviews technical documentation and comment submissions, delivering accessible and objective summaries, findings and recommendations
  • Provides assistance to project proponents to ensure that studies and consultation programs are conducted in a sound manner consistent with accepted methods and techniques
  • Solicits and utilizes traditional knowledge and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in environmental assessment
  • Conducts community-level consultation with potentially affected individuals, groups and organizations

2. Coordinates and leads the monitoring programs for approved major development projects:

  • Develops Monitoring Programs for NIRB issued project certificates and screening decision reports
  • Conducts site visits to assess regulatory compliance and environmental protection
  • Provides reports and briefings to the Board on the adequacy of and compliance with terms and conditions of project certificates and on the ecosystemic and socio-economic impacts of projects
  • Coordinates with government agencies and departments responsible for project monitoring
  • Establishes a tracking system to evaluate status/compliance with regulatory instruments

3. Represents the Board in a professional manner:

  • Establishes public awareness programs associated with the assessments for major development projects
  • Organizes and facilitates community meetings, technical workshops and public hearings with regulatory agencies and stakeholders
  • Liaises with potentially affected communities and interested parties regarding projects under assessment by NIRB or approved by the Board

Applicants should possess knowledge of:

  • Familiarity with the provisions of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement and Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act
  • Environmental assessment procedures and processes, as well as matters related to environmental legislation and regulations
  • Specialization/expertise in subject matter and lines of inquiry regarding environmental assessment, biophysical, social and economic environments
  • Environmental monitoring, mitigation and adaptive management strategies and techniques for a variety of development types
  • Consultation strategies and project management techniques for coordinating and carrying out environmental assessments of project proposals
  • Understands the roles, mandates and authorities of Institutes of Public Government, government agencies, regulatory authorities and Designated Inuit Organizations within the natural resources, lands and environmental management regime of the Nunavut Settlement Area


Applicants should possess the following skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and diplomacy
  • Efficiency in Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • Project management software
  • Written and/or conversational fluency in Inuktitut/Inuinnaqtun considered a strong asset


Applicants should possess the following abilities:

  • Collate and manage large amounts of information efficiently
  • Summarize information and highlight important issues
  • Task prioritization and effective time management
  • Summarize complex ideas and principles for non-technical audiences
  • Lead and influence sometimes reluctant parties to achieve common objectives, facilitate development, manage conflicts and resolve disputes.
  • Cope with frequent interruptions and changes in priorities
  • Maintain discretion and the highest level of confidentiality


Applicants should possess the following education and experience:

  • Graduate degree in Environmental Sciences and/or Natural Sciences or related area(s) supplemented with at least 3 years’ experience in a similar position
  • Alternative acceptable education and training preparation includes an Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Studies and/or Natural Sciences supplemented with 5 years’ work experience in progressively more senior positions having same or similar work responsibilities
  • Up-to-date professional designation in a relevant field considered an asset
  • Minimum 3 years experience in a similar position
  • Personal and professional experience in the Arctic or in a cross-cultural setting

About Cambridge Bay:

Check out the community's website at www.cambridgebay.ca

Experience life on the edge of the Northwest Passage in the hamlet of Cambridge Bay, an economic hub for the region’s active resource sector. Cambridge Bay is also known as Iqaluktuttiaq or ‘good fishing place’, a community in every sense of the word where recreational opportunities abound. Indulge in fishing, hiking, kayaking, kite-skiing, snowmobiling or just sit back and marvel at herds of muskoxen and the Northern Lights - working for the NIRB in Cambridge Bay provides access to a true Arctic adventure!


About this competition:

Priority consideration will be given to qualified Nunavut Inuit.

Positions may be under-filled or remain unfilled if no suitable candidate is found.

The NIRB is also considering applications for the entry-level Technical Advisor I position, which has differing responsibilities and duties and corresponding qualifications.