Accreditation Program Benefits & Fees

Is accreditation the right step for your institution?

Showcase Your Program's Commitment to the Environmental Profession - Get Accredited.

The Benefits of Getting Your Program Accredited Are Clear

Accrediting a national environmental program provides an objective, formal validation of your program's commitment to an exceptional education. Our accreditation program links the two without getting in the way of your academic freedom.

  • National recognition
  • Certificate of Accreditation that spans a 7-year term
  • Brand exposure – placement of logo, program link and information on our website (over 800K visits per year)
  • Annual presentation to students on career development resources (either in person or virtually)
  • Annual 4-week Digital Marketing Campaign or Labour Market Research Report
  • Support your students’ future career growth with exclusive access to EPt Certification
  • Raise your profile as an elite, nationally-recognized program that demonstrates high industry standards
  • Combine academic freedom with an awareness of employment needs in the environmental workforce
  • Gain valuable insight into future opportunities to support the growth of your program

Initial Application and Accreditation Submission

Number of Programs Application
Site Review
Total Initial Fees
1 $1,000 $4,000 Up to $2,000 Up to $7,000
2 $1,100 $6,000 Up to $2,000 $9,100
4 $1,300 $7,000 Up to $3,000 Up to $11,300
5 $1,400 $7,000 Up to $3,000 Up to $11,400
6 or More $1,500 $7,000 Up to $3,000 Up to $11,500

Annual Program Maintenance

Membership Fees Number of Programs Maintenance
1 $1,000 $1,000
2 $1,000 $2,000
3 $750 $2,750
4 $500 $3,250
5 $250 $3,500
6 or More FREE $3,500

Initial Application and Accreditation Submission

Number of Programs Application
Site Review
Total Initial Fees
1 2 Days $4,000 Up to $2,000 $6,000
2 3 Days $6,000 Up to $2,000 $8,000
3 3 Days $6,000 Up to $2,000 Up to $8,000
4 or More 4 Days $7,000 Up to $3,000 $10,000

Maintaining Your Status

Through the final year of your accreditation term, the program will undergo a re-accreditation review to ensure the ongoing conformance of the program with the Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC) National Standard. Once this process is complete, your accreditation term will be renewed and the maintenance process will begin anew.

  • Submit Annual Program Maintenance Reporting to demonstrate continuous alignment to the National Accreditation Standard
  • Receive feedback for continuous improvement
  • Gain valuable insight into future opportunities for growth of your program
  • The Accreditation staff visits your campus annually to deliver a customized presentation on Career Resources and Opportunities that would best suit your students
  • Pay the Annual Maintenance Fee to maintain your Accreditation status

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