Post-Secondary Environmental Program Accreditation

Showcase your Program’s Alignment to Current Environmental Workforce Needs and Educational Excellence

Elevate Your Institution With Accreditation

Our Accreditation program provides formal validation for your program’s commitment to high-quality education, accountability and public trust.
Add credibility to your environmental programs and let prospective students, employers and organizations know that you demonstrate a culture of proactive, continuous improvement.

Accreditation Facilitates Student Career Success

The competition for meaningful careers in the environmental labour force is more competitive than ever. To be successful, employers demand that graduates not only have foundational technical skills, but also essential transferable skills.

Our Accreditation services bridge the school-to-work transition by:

  1. Ensuring students gain the right competencies for the jobs in demand
  2. Giving employers confidence that graduates will be the right fit for their business
  3. Supporting further career development with an integrated Environmental Professional in-training (EPt) program

Graduates from Accredited programs demonstrate an awareness of environmental industry needs, giving employers confidence that they have the knowledge they need to succeed in an environmental job.

Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC)

The Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC) was established in collaboration with the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada (AAAC) in 2009 to serve as a neutral third-party to oversee the Accreditation program.

Made up of a balanced representation from universities, colleges and leading environmental industry experts, the CEAC sets and reviews accreditation standards and can grant program accreditation for up to seven years.

Why Get Your Program Accredited?

Program accreditation assures students, industry and the public that your program meets high standards, is of quality and provides long-term value to each graduating student. Our program offers objective validation of environmental education programs and a framework for quality improvement that aligns program outcomes to industry standards, while allowing academic freedom.

In addition to accrediting environmental programs across Canada, we also partner with post-secondary institutions to offer unique programs that advance environmental training and continuing education.

Wondering how Accreditation can benefit you?

Benefits of the Accreditation Program Institution
Raise your profile as an elite, nationally recognized program Yes Yes
Facilitate school-to-work transitions for graduates Yes Yes
Receive objective, formal validation of your program’s commitment to exceptional education Yes Yes
Combine the best of academic freedom with an awareness of environmental employment needs Yes Yes
Support students’ future career growth with exclusive access to EPt Certification and career-building resources Yes Yes
Gain valuable insight into future opportunities for the growth of your program Yes Yes
Demonstrates a culture of educational excellence and continuous improvement Yes Yes


1. Application

After indicating your interest, the Accreditation Team will evaluate a program’s eligibility in conjunction with the IEEAC and upon approval, you will receive an invitation to apply.

2. Self Study

Programs demonstrate their conformance with the IEEAC Accreditation Standard through the submission of a report and supporting documents.

3. Site-Visit

A team of academic and industry professionals will visit your institution to review the environmental program against the IEEAC Accreditation Standard.

4. Accreditation Decision

The IEEAC meets to review the Accreditation status of all applicants. Upon approval, a program is granted accreditation for a 5-year term.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

Programs identify any substantive changes and continued compliance through Annual Reporting.

Download Your Application Guide

Are you a Dean, Academic Director, Department Head or Program Authority? Download our Application Guide for more information or contact us at accreditation@eco.ca. Inside you will learn about the:

  • Application process
  • Application & accreditation fees
  • Program maintenance
  • Reaccreditation process
  • Added benefits
  • And more!

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