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Land Use Planning

Description: Introduction to land use planning concepts and processes, enabling learners to take an active role in their community’s land use planning initiatives.

Timeframe: Two-day seminar

Optional: This seminar can also be offered as part of an extended training program. The program would consist of five modules with twelve steps needed to develop the skills necessary to work at an assistant level in landing use planning.

Workforce Training

Description: These environmental skill development programs will provide students with essential knowledge and applications to prepare for an entry-level position in the workforce. Trainers can choose from seven training programs.

  • Environmental Core Skills (Prerequisite for EMC, ESAA, CSRC)
  • Environmental Monitoring Coordinator
  • Land Use Planning Coordinator
  • Environmental Site Assessment Assistant
  • Contaminated Sites Remediation Coordinator
  • Local Environmental Coordinator
  • Solid Waste Coordinator

Timeframe: 2 to 12 Instructional Weeks

Technician Training Programs

Description: These programs emphasize both in-class and field activities to provide students with valuable experience to develop fundamental environmental technical knowledge and practical skills. Trainers can choose from two comprehensive programs.

  • Certificate of Applied Environmental Techniques (CAET)
  • Certificate of Environmental Planning and Administration (CEPA)

Timeframe: 15 to 16 Instructional Weeks

Customizable Certificate

Description: This option allows for the flexibility to combine modules from the various Workforce Training Programs to create a certificate program that meets the needs of the community, an employment opportunity or requirements for further education.

Timeframe: Minimum 15 Instructional Weeks

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Many elders noted that it was good to see the First Nations focusing on training youth and providing opportunities. With the level of industrial and land management activities currently going on in the region, and a prognosis of long-term growth, the community was also very pleased to see a focus being placed on monitoring and building skills in land management – Yukon Instructor