BEAHR (Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources)

Environmental Workforce Training Programs For Indigenous Communities

Short-Term, Culturally Relevant and Practical Skill Building

Since 2006, BEAHR Indigenous training and employment programs has helped First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities across Canada to develop local environmental skills and foster green careers. These flexible courses provide introductory training to those who want to work in the environmental sector in Canada.

All BEAHR courses are designed to be:

  • Short-term (2-16 weeks)
  • Employment driven
  • Blended with Local and Traditional Knowledge
  • Practical, with hands-on field experience
  • Inclusive of Elder and/or Traditional Knowledge Holder participation
  • Adaptable to communities nationwide

Download the Program Guide to learn more about the BEAHR delivery method, program costs, curriculum and results, how to get involved and more.

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Indigenous graduates
Indigenous communities across Canada that have participated in training
Customized training deliveries since 2006

Benefits for Employers

  • Diversify your training and business offerings
  • Build a local, Indigenous talent pool to support economic development
  • Create mutually-beneficial relationships with local communities
  • Have a positive impact on students and promote sustainable development

Benefits for Communities

  • The opportunity to develop local environmental competencies and foster green careers
  • Customized training programs designed specifically for the goals and vision of the community
  • Full organization and planning by ECO Canada
  • Assistance with wage subsidy funding applications

What Participants Are Saying

The Environmental Monitoring training program gave the students a set of foundation skills and the motivation to pursue further education and employment in the environmental field. – Instructor, Northwest Territories