The success of Canada’s environmental workforce depends on having enough professionals with the skills and training to meet employer demand.

ECO Canada is working to meet this need with expanded training programs, delivering new technical training workshops for environment and sustainability professionals and businesses across Canada.

We know our certified EPs meet high standards of professional excellence and hold specialized expertise. That’s why we’re reaching out to certified members like you to become an ECO Canada licensed trainer.

Download our notice for Expressions of Interest (EOI) and submit your proposal.

Download the EOI notice

The deadline to submit proposal was August 10, 2015. Thank you to those who submitted a proposal. We are currently processing proposals. If you have any questions or concerns about your proposal, please email

Application & Approval Process


Proposal Requirements

Trainers will be selected based on their subject-related professional experience, education, expertise and training experience in each of these areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the training subjects?

Apply if you have skills and training or work experience in the following areas:

Alternatively, we will also accept proposals from trainers with demonstrated expertise in other environment or sustainability topics not featured in this list. Please contact us if you have any questions at:

What are the expectations for trainers?

All selected trainers will be required to:

How will trainers be paid?

ECO Canada will pay our licensed trainers a professional fee based on industry standards and ECO Canada’s prevailing rates. All standard travel-related expenses shall be reimbursed to the trainers based on ECO Canada policies.

The mandatory ECO Canada “Training of Trainer” (TOT) program will be presented at no cost, but the selected trainers will be required to cover their expenses, if any, to attend the TOT program.

Will ECO Canada cover my travel expenses for out-of-town training?

Yes, we will reimburse our licensed trainers for approved travel expenses, such as meals, hotels, etc., according to our policy. However, ECO Canada will not provide a training day rate during the travel time.

How long will the application and approval process take?

It will take about 5 to 6 weeks from the proposal submission deadline to the first kick-off meeting with successful trainers.

Where will the Training of Trainer (TOT) sessions take place?

We’ll plan the TOT session locations according to where our selected trainers are located, as much as possible. There may be multiple sessions in select cities, depending on trainer accessibility.

How many courses or workshops will be offered?

We’re planning to offer multiple courses and workshops throughout the year based on market demand. ECO Canada will be responsible for marketing and selling the courses to increase the number of offerings, but we cannot commit to a minimum number at this stage.