5 Signs you should work in environmental consulting

Posted by: Jennifer Schultz, ECO Canada

Environmental consulting is one of the top areas of environmental employment in Canada, employing over 317,000 environmental employees. That’s equivalent to over 17% of Canada’s environmental workforce!

Wondering “what does an environmental consultant do?” Or want to know how to become an environmental consultant? Take a look at our career profiles for these environmental jobs

If you’re looking to start your environmental career or transition into a new one, how do you know if environmental consulting is a good fit?

What is environmental consulting?

First, what is an environmental consultant?

Environmental consultants help companies lower their environmental impact, and work in a variety of areas such as soil contamination, water pollution, air quality, and waste management. Because the nature of the work, and/or specializations are varied, environmental consultant jobs can have different job titles such as waste management consultant and air quality specialist amongst others.

Here are 5 signs you should work in environmental consulting

If you’re considering an environmental consulting career and wondering “would I make a good environmental consultant?”, here are 5 things you should think about first.

1. You’ve gained skills in math, science, design, engineering and environmental economics (and enjoyed learning them).

One of the first steps on how to become an environmental consultant is to get trained. Environmental consulting requires a number of skills and knowledge.

Hard skills such as math, science, design, engineering, environmental economics will provide an important background to grow your experience in. These skills are highly marketable but are more difficult to learn once you are out of a post-secondary environment.

However, don’t forget about the soft skills you need too! Take a look at our Essential Skills 100 course to get up to speed with the top skills environmental employers are looking for.

2. You enjoy researching and performing data analysis.

When it comes to what do environmental consultants do, a key part of their role is to analyze data.

Environmental consultants analyze problems by conducting research (including collecting raw data) and then analyze it to identify improvements or solutions. If you enjoy tasks such as collecting samples, creating a spreadsheet to analyze data, or solving a client’s problem? Then an environmental consultantcy career may be a good fit.

3. You know the latest environmental laws and regulations.

As an environmental consultant, clients are counting on your expertise to keep them compliant with the latest regulations and laws.

Do you like to keep up with the latest trends and updates in the environmental sector? This a great way to build your strategic thinking skills– and a good sign environmental consulting may work for you.

4. You excel at meeting deadlines.

Successful environmental consultants are able to complete projects on time and within budget. To do this, you’ll need to be time-efficient, plan ahead and multi-task.

If you can meet your deadlines and work effectively under pressure – this may be the career for you.

5. You enjoy working with others including building relationships.

In its simplest form, environmental consultants sell knowledge to others. But to do this well, you’ll need well-developed people skills.

Can you communicate effectively, work productively with others to find solutions, or manage conflict? Then you’re well on your way to consulting success.

But you’ll also need to create professional end products, including presentations and reports. This means taking complex information and presenting it to your clients in a well-written, easily understandable format.

This is a skill that many environmental professionals need to work at, but is critical for success in environmental consulting jobs.

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