Connecting Paths

ECO Canada has been connecting people within the environmental sector for over 25 years. This spring, we launch our first ever national TV ad campaign to increase recognition of environmental work across Canada.

Our connecting paths campaign recognizes the array of environmental work and specializations within Canada, while demonstrating how they’re all connected.

From wildlife biologists working on conservation in the Canadian shield, to environmental lawyers in the prairies, to Indigenous rights and environmental training, all the way to water quality specialists on the west coast, ECO Canada is there to support the people growing the environmental sector.

Our national TV ad launches Monday Mar 26, 2018 and will run on Global and CTV in the following regions; Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Northern and Atlantic Canada. If you haven’t spotted our ad on TV yet, take this opportunity to watch it here:

If you’ve been recognized with Environmental Professional (EP) or Environmental Professional-in-training (EPt) designation, or one of our expert auditor designations – EP(CEA) and EP(EMSLA) – then you may be interested in viewing our video series on how our EP designated members are making a difference through their environmental work. Our video on Ian Smith, EP is live on our Connecting Paths page. Stay tuned for more stories and videos, and learn more about EP designation here.

We’re creating a hub for resources geared toward environmental professionals at all levels, and at all stages – we’re connecting the paths leading to a meaningful career.

Connecting Paths is a way to showcase everything that we can do to get you started on your career path, and how we’re there to support your professional development with resources and programs designed to increase expertise. We’ve put together a guide that covers how we support careers in the sector, and the strategies we’ve been working hard on this past year to create more awareness of environmental work.

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Download our Connected Paths Guide to find out what we’ve been doing, and how we can support your career.


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