Four Cool Innovations in the Environmental Sector

Post by: Fiona Wren, EPt, ECO Canada

Innovations are everywhere in the environmental sector — so much so it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

Here’s a look at four industry-related stories this week — some spotlight problems and some spotlight solutions. Take a look and get inspired.

Innovation 1. Streetlights as Mosquito Control?

At the University of Malaya in Malaysia, where mosquito-borne illnesses like dengue fever are an ongoing problem, a group of engineers has come up with a new streetlight design that traps mosquitoes. The lights use wind and solar power, so they work during power outages (and disasters like floods), and even act as charging station for devices.

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Innovation 2. The Greenest Countries

Yale has released its Environmental Performance Index for 2016. The index measures sustainability according to a variety of criteria and ranks the top and bottom performers in each area.

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Innovation 3. The Power of the Open Road

France’s minister of ecology and energy announced last week that in the next five years, the country intends to pave 1000 km of road with a new kind of “solar pavement,” photovoltaic panels that can provide power to millions.

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Innovation 4. Ikea’s “Peak Stuff” and a Sustainable Future

Ikea’s chief of sustainability says the West is about to reach “peak stuff,” but that won’t stop the retail giant from expanding its business. The company is exploring ways to grow sustainably, from cradle-to-cradle design, to embracing hacker culture. Check; Kroger Weekly Ad, ALDI Weekly Ad, ALDI Catalogue, IGA Catalogue, Meijer Weekly Ad, Publix Weekly Ad, Coles Catalogue, Supercheap Auto Catalogue.

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