From (Vertical, Undersea, or Underground) Farm to Table?


Post by: Fiona Wren, EPt

It’s been all over the news lately: the skyrocketing price of cauliflower has become a catalyst for the discussion about rising food prices in general.

What’s the future of food? Lucky for us, some innovative minds are coming up with new ways to help us keep the cupboards full.

Farmium Turns Green Roofs into Urban Farms

Third-year Ryerson University student Ben Canning has founded a company that converts green roofs into another avenue for food production. Find out about his vision to ensure food security for a major city.

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Med diet cheaper than junky western one:

There’s a lot of talk about how to provide sustainable, affordable and healthy food for people everywhere. For the first time, a study shows a Mediterranean-style diet, using canned goods and olive oil, could tick all the boxes.

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Oranges Grown in Nebraska… In January?

A geothermal greenhouse produces oranges year-round, for as little as a dollar a day. See how an innovative take on an old design could help change food production in colder climates.

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The Blue-Green Economy

See how a Canadian-born fisherman is revolutionizing aquaculture in the United States with vertical oyster farms and a new outlook on what farming the seas means for consumers and commercial fisherman.

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Have you got a story to share about innovation in food sustainability? Pass it on! We’ll share it with the ECO Canada community.

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