Social Entrepreneur Changemaker, Rachel Wang, Nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 2019

Rachel Wang

Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 Nominee, Rachel Wang, has had an unorthodox career journey. The CEO and Founder of Evoke Creatives – a company dedicated to evolving the sustainability conversation in marginalized communities. As a non-traditional environmentalist who has been working in the industry for just over 8 years, Rachel has a bleeding heart for social enterprise.

Her introduction to the environmental workforce began when she started working with World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Canada in 2013 as a Research Intern. Since then, she has practiced environmental work in various industries and organizations, including working in Business Development at ECO Canada.

Pleasantly surprised by the trajectory of her career, Rachel explains, “I was never the kid that had an affinity for environmentalism, and to be honest, I never really considered my self an environmentalist until this last year.”

With a background in Biology and Marine Management, Rachel was prepared for a career in the environmental industry, however, like most students she didn’t yet understand the bigger picture and how her education would play out in her career. After working as an intern at WWF Canada for a few years, she transitioned into the role of Communications Specialist, working with a team to translate technical research into shorter and more concise information that is easily digestible for the public. A few years into the role, Rachel discovered that many organizations were struggling with one main issue – effectively communicating environmental issues. Recognizing the communications gap between the professionals who understand the science data behind climate change, its impact and the people who need to understand the message.

“I was becoming increasingly interested in making environmental projects more financially sustainable,” Rachel explained. “I noticed that there were no creative financial mechanisms in place to ensure funding year after year, which led to another passion – communicating environmental issues.”

The link between environmental issues and social justice became increasingly glaring to Rachel and more than ever before, she was painfully aware of the urgency amongst other localized urgencies – the direct impact of climate change on Torontonians. In 2018 Evoke Creatives was created to involve racialized youth in the sustainability conversation using a powerful and unexpected medium that they can relate to – music. Using artists as a vehicle for communication, the goal is to integrate environmental justice and sustainability into their lyrics to raise awareness and reach a different and somewhat unexpected audience.

Through Evoke Creatives, Rachel has organized various hip-hop festivals across the city of Toronto, engaging the youth as volunteers on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of live music events. Moving forward she hopes to continue helping the youth of today gain the knowledge and understanding they need to be advocates for their communities, families and friends in the environmental space, starting in Toronto and growing nationwide.

Maggie Agbojo
Content Creation Specialist
ECO Canada


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