Certify My Team With EP® Designation

Celebrate Your Team’s Expertise and Gain a Competitive Advantage for Your Organization

Be confident that your team meets the national standards of excellence within the environmental industry. Having a team of skilled and engaged professionals is enormously important for project success, operating efficiencies and organizational credibility.

ECO Canada has certified thousands of environmental professionals who have used their designation to not only further their own career advancement but also contribute to the success of their organization.

By certifying your team, you will benefit from:

  • National endorsement of your expertise to assist with project bids and new business growth
  • Access to a network of thousands of industry professionals
  • Brand awareness and thought leadership opportunities through our training program
  • Attract quality talent – training and hiring Eps proves you’re an employer of choice
  • 66% Off Errors and Omission Insurance
  • Discounts on environmentally-friendly retailers, travel providers and insurance providers

We award EP® Certification to intermediate or seasoned professionals after a rigorous review of:

  • Education (Must have recognized diploma or degree)
  • Employment History (Minimum five years of relevant experience)
  • Environmental Competencies  (Pass the National Occupational Standards assessment in the selected fields of specialization)

EPs are required to:

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EP Code of Ethics

Committed to Professional Integrity

Case Study

“Being a certified EP assures clients our team is committed to providing GHG solutions that meet the EP National Standards, supported by comprehensive inventory design and reporting.”
Kelly Parker, E.I.T., EPt
Carbon Services Project Analyst, Blue Source

Member Spotlight

Meredith Hamstead, Owner of thinkBright Environmental Innovations