Environmental Assessment in Canada

A multi-faceted field that requires diverse roles and diverse areas of knowledge

The Environmental assessment process involves multi-disciplinary teams, which encompass scientific, technical, socio-economic, and communication expertise.

This report focuses on two aspects:

  • Examining key roles and skills required in the Canadian workforce to conduct environmental impact assessments.
  • Analyzing how proposed changes to the environmental assessment framework could impact the way projects are conducted in Canada.

Download this report and learn about:

  • The four major stakeholder groups that are directly involved and/or impacted by the environmental assessment process: project proponents, consultants, regulatory bodies and interested stakeholders.
  • Revenues. Environmental consulting services firms have generated close to $840 million in revenues for environmental assessments.
  • Emerging roles. Anthropologists, archeologists, historians, social scientists and other related occupations are expected to contribute more actively to the process.

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