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$100,000 in AD&D Benefits Coverage

As a designated member, we’ve got you covered!

A plan that can help during the difficult times you and your family could face is important. This coverage provides EP and EPt members with 24-hour protection against accidents regardless of your health history.

In the event of a catastrophic accident, you are automatically eligible for $100,000 of AD&D benefits as part of your membership fee.

How It Works

  1. Ensure your certification fee is paid and up-to-date.
  2. Be automatically enrolled as an active EP or Ept member – no additional premium charged.
  3. A welcome email will be sent to you with your claim information and the full benefits guide.
  4. Remain eligible as long as your membership is active.

NOTE: Critical Illness and Final Expenses benefits are available for members who would like additional coverage. Contact us for more information.

Plan Features

Enhanced Loss Schedule

Loss and loss of use benefits including 2 times the principal sum for paralysis.

In-Hospital Confinement Monthly Income

Provides financial help to an insured with unforeseen expenses when an accident results in hospital confinement.

Cosmetic Disfigurement

Helping an insured recover from disfigurement when an accident results in 3rd degree burns.

Home Alteration & Vehicle Modification

Making the necessary modifications to an insured’s home and vehicle when accident results in paralysis.

Rehabilitation Benefit

Special training for an insured when injuries result in need to change occupations.

Loss of Life Benefit

The principal sum amount is paid

Day Care Benefit

Helping pay for day care costs for young children left behind when an accident results in the death of an insured.

Spousal Occupational Training

Helping the spouse of an insured following a death due to injury; gain specialized training for active employment.

Bereavement Benefit

Providing family members with grief counseling support to help see them through the difficult times following a death as a result of accident.

Special Education Benefit

Helping to pay post-secondary school costs for older children when an accident results in the death of an insured.

Family Transportation

Bringing a family member to an insured’s bedside when an injury results in hospital confinement 150km or more away from home.

Repatriation Benefit

Returning an insured’s body to their city of residence when an accident results in death more than 150 km away.

Identification Benefit

Travel costs associated when a family member is required to identify an insured’s body when an accident results in death more than 150 km from home.

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