Certification Advisory Committee

We are Enhancing EP Certification With Your Help

2016 is a key year for ECO Canada, with enhancing the EP designation at the core of all our activities. As changes are occurring in the sector, EP needs to evolve to reflect the needs and demands of the industry.

We’re seeking feedback to guide us as we work to make EP an environmental certification that standardizes and demonstrates high levels of integrity, breadth of knowledge, technical discipline and professional capacity.

What does this mean for current EPs and EPts?
See our update on EP

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Committee is support the evolution of environmental certification and membership, through advising, recruiting, and testing, during the scoping and implementation process.  Specific goals for the Advisory Committee include:

  • Updating Environmental Professional Code of Ethics
  • Providing input on the development of a unifying Body of Knowledge (BOK) and exam testing
  • Reviewing membership benefits
  • Providing input on application processes
  • Providing input on how existing certified members will be migrated to the new EP and EPt

Committee Members

In August 2016 we had an open call for new members. After careful review 36 members across Canada were selected based on their environmental work experience and contribution to the environmental sector.

advisorycommitee (calgary)advisorycommitee2 (calgary)