Qualifications for EP® Certification

We award EP after a rigorous review of your education, employment history, and validated environmental skills and knowledge. Certified members must practice their profession in accordance with ethical standards set out by the EP Code of Ethics.

Here are the key criteria that you’ll need to meet:

Earned a Minimum of 5 Years of Environmental Work Experience

You must have at least five years of environmental work experience in Canada and this experience must be recent (obtained within the past ten years). If you’ve worked outside of Canada, you must have at least six years of environmental work experience, including one year of environmental employment with a Canadian employer.

Both volunteer experience and any work term required for graduation from a post-secondary program is not considered relevant work experience.

If you do not meet the minimum work experience requirement, you can apply to be an Environmental Professional in Training (EPt). Once you reach five years of experience, you are encouraged to upgrade to the EP Certification.

Earned a Diploma or Degree

You hold a recognized Canadian college diploma or university degree, or equivalent international credentials. If you obtained your degree or diploma outside of Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, you’ll need an educational assessment to demonstrate the Canadian equivalency.

Note: Fees for an educational assessment may apply and are not included in the application fee paid to ECO Canada. Learn more about educational assessments

Meet the National Standard for Environmental Competencies

EPs must meet the minimum standard of environmental skills and knowledge according to National Occupational Standards (NOS). The NOS are a guide for the skills and knowledge for professionals to do their jobs competently within their selected fields of specialization.

When you apply, you’ll identify your environmental specializations and then rate your experience in these areas. Choose from 14 diverse areas for your EP specializations

While EPs must meet a minimum standard, there are no minimum standards for EPts, as we understand that EPts may have limited experience. However, EPts will still be assessed to determine areas of strength and improvement.

Demonstrate Integrity and Accountability by Adhering to a Professional Ethics Code

All certified members are accountable for their own professional practice, for the professional practice of those under their supervision and for their specialization generally. They also have an obligation to practice their profession in accordance with ethical standards.

For effective pursuit of their work, certified members depend on:

  • The personal confidence of the client or employer in their technical competence, and
  • The confidence of the public at large in their integrity in serving society and the environment as a whole

All  members must agree to and abide by the EP Code of Ethics. This includes several rules of professional conduct, including ensuring the safety and welfare of all persons and responsibility for environmental stewardship. Learn more about Ethics

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