ECO Canada is working to make the EP an environmental certification that standardizes and demonstrates high levels of integrity, breadth of knowledge, technical discipline and professional capacity.

What changes are ahead for EP?

Emphasis on integrity.

We’re making ethics an integral component of EP including testing applicants on professionalism, law and ethics. Overwhelmingly, you told us how important this is to you, and we’re excited to help ensure environmental professionals operate at a strong ethical standard.

Increasing application rigour.

While we are maintaining the 5 years of work experience as the career milestone for certification, we’ll also introduce more rigor to the application process including in-depth reference checks and spot interviews.

Introducing annual professional development requirements.

Professional development is key for environmental professionals to keep their knowledge and skills on par with professional standards. Annual professional development requirements will be introduced and allow a range of activities to strengthen your career development including webinars, courses, events and volunteering opportunities.

Unifying what it means to be an EP.

The environmental sector touches nearly every industry through a diverse set of roles. We’re working to develop a Body of Knowledge (BOK) that helps unify environmental professionals no matter the role or the sub-sector.

An exam will be introduced as part of the certification process to ensure every EP has an understanding of the concepts, terms and activities that make up the environmental professional domain. The result: a stronger, more unified group of professionals working together to strengthen the environmental sector.

What does this mean for current EPs and EPts?

ECO Canada is currently developing a Certification Advisory Committee to help support and guide the evolution of EP. This will include providing guidance on how existing certified members will be migrated to the new EP and EPt, and any new ongoing requirements.

We’ll continually update our current members on how EP Certification will evolve. We strongly encourage you to get involved to help guide the future of your EP certification.

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