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Environmental Professionals, or EPs, are the next wave of change-makers in the constantly-evolving environmental field. Becoming an EP is the easiest decision you’ll ever make alongside choosing to enter the environmental sector.

Do you want more recognition in your field? Would you like to take advantage of up-to-the-minute resources and training to ensure you maintain your professional performance and stay on top of the latest trends?

Get noticed, cultivate leadership, increase your influence and safeguard stakeholder trust as a designated Environmental Professional (EP).

The Benefits You’ll Take Advantage of as an EP Member

  • Gain national recognition of your expertise
  • Access an exclusive network of leading industry professionals
  • Receive 25% off professional development courses, workshops and webinars
  • Participate in the Mentorship Program to foster continuing growth in the sector
  • Be nominated for a member spotlight or ECO Impact Award
  • Share your knowledge by becoming a speaker or a guest blogger
  • Receive discounts on environmentally-friendly retailers, travel, and insurance providers

Wondering how you fit into the Canadian environmental workforce?

Take the eligibility assessment quiz and, in just a few minutes, find out if the EP designation is right for you.

Leading the Way, Redefine Your Career Journey as an Environmental Professional

EP® designation is right for you if you have been working on environmental projects for 5+ years and have specialized knowledge. After a rigorous review of your credentials and examination, EP status is awarded.


Must have a recognized Canadian college diploma or university degree, or equivalent international credentials.

Employment History

You must have at least five years of environmental work experience in Canada and this experience must be recent (obtained within the past ten years).


As part of your application, you’ll complete a self-assessment against the
National Occupation Standards (NOS), and then have three peer references validate your environmental competency.

EPs are required to select at least 1 and up to 5 areas of specialization.

Body of Knowledge and Professional Ethics

You must pass the EP Core Knowledge Exam with an EP Ethics component, demonstrating your understanding of the EP Body of Knowledge and adherence to the EP Code of Ethics.

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How Does Your Experience Fit Into Specializations?

Before you apply for your EP designation, you will need to determine which specialization fits you the best.

We use these specializations to assess your expertise so you will need to identify at least one, and up to five. All the great work you do should relate to one or more core environmental subsector personas:

  1. Environmental Protection
  2. Resource Management
  3. Environmental Sustainability

To help you out, we’ve developed a great eBook resource to guide you through the process. Check it out:

You Have Selected Your Specialization & Want EP Benefits - How Do You Apply?

  • National Occupation Standards Assessment

  • Take EP Core Knowledge and Ethics Exam

  • References Submit Evaluations

  • Prepare For Board Approval

  • Successful Certification!

EP Designation Governing Board

The Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB)  is responsible for overseeing the administration, evaluation and ratification of certification. The Approvals Board, composed of prominent environmental stakeholders from across Canada, functions as an impartial governing body for the certification and term renewal of members. Through this process, EPs are ratified at the highest level, and are proven as leaders in their respective fields, with the competencies to safeguard public trust.

Maintaining Your Designation Status

To maintain the utmost professionalism and commitment to competency standards, all members are required to complete professional development activities and submit their membership fees on an annual basis. Learn more about member maintenance.

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