EP® Licensed Trainers

Meeting the demand for environmental skills training with the expertise of certified EPs.

Our certified EPs meet high standards of professional excellence and hold specialized expertise. The EP licensed trainer program leverages this expertise to provide high-quality training for environment and sustainability professionals across Canada.

How the program works

EP licensed trainers are selected from applications of qualified and experienced EPs in the fields of environment and sustainability who are available to work on a contract basis to deliver ECO approved training programs.

Trainers are selected based on their subject-related professional experience, education, expertise and training experience.

After a rigorous selection process, licensed trainers are deemed eligible to provide training on key industry topics including environmental auditing and management systems standards, legislation and regulatory compliance, and stakeholder engagement.

Requests for applications for new EP licensed trainers will occur bi-annually. At the current time, we are not actively recruiting for trainers.

Program Benefits

Environmental and sustainability employment in Canada has continued to outpace employment in the general economy and will continue to see significant growth.

ECO Canada’s mandate is to link supply and demand for environmental and sustainability practitioners. Help meet the demand for skilled training as an EP licensed trainer.

  • Join a pool of qualified trainers who support training for environmental and sustainability professionals
  • Gain recognition as an environmental expert in topics that matter to the industry
  • Connect with other environmental and sustainability professionals and organizations

Current EP® Licensed Trainers

Trainer Province Approved course(s)
Amanda Hanson, EP
Specializations: Natural Resource Management, Policy and Legislation, Communications and Public Awareness, Environmental Manager
Nunavut Legislation;
Stakeholder Engagement
Leif Burge, EP
Specializations: Education and Training, Research and Development
British Columbia River Hazards
River Restoration
George (Bud) Ivey, EP
Specializations: Site Assessment and Reclamation, Education and Training
British Columbia Regulatory and Compliance
Environmental Site Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Kyle Paddon, EP
Specialization: Environmental Manager
British Columbia Environmental Legislation;
Environmental Auditing;
Environmental Monitoring
Lance Pizzariello, EP
Specializations: Air Quality, Waste Management, Health & Safety
British Columbia Environmental Legislation;
EHS Management & Reporting
Robert Volkman, EP, EP(EMSLA), EP(CEA), EPt(GHG)
Specializations: Natural Resource Management, Environmental Manager, Sustainability, Sustainable Forestry Management
Alberta/British Columbia Legislation
Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Environmental Impact Assessment
Stakeholder Engagement
Corporate Social Responsibility
Kevin Dunn, EP(CEA) Alberta Auditing;
Denise Cormier, EP(EMSLA) – Environmental Management Systems Alberta Management Systems;
EHS Management and Reporting
Amanda Allen, EP
Specialization: Environmental Manager
Alberta Management System Standards – ISO 14001;
Corporate Social Responsibility;
EHS Management and Reporting
Chris Valaire, EP
Specialization: Natural Resource Management
Alberta Auditing
Natural Resource Management
Randy Webber, EP
Specialization: Environmental Manager
Manitoba Legislation;
Environmental Impact Assessment
Christian de Serres, EP(EMSLA) – Environmental Management Systems, EP(CEA) Quebec Auditing – EMS and Compliance;
Environmental Site Assessment
Victor Nowicki, EP
Specializations: Water Quality, Site Assessment and Reclamation
New Brunswick Contaminated Sites;
Environmental Impact Assessment;
Environmental Site Assessment
Randy Sinukoff, EP, EP(EMSLA)- Environmental Management Systems, EP(CEA)
Specialization: Site Assessment and Reclamation
Ontario Legislation;
Management Systems Standards – ISO 26000, ISO 50001;
Project Management;
EHS Management and Reporting
John Critchley, EP(EMSLA) – Environmental Management Systems, EP(CEA) Ontario Legislation;
Project Management;
Stakeholder Engagement;
Contaminated Sites
Jayne Pilot, EP(EMSLA) – Environmental Management Systems, EP(CEA) Ontario Corporate Social Responsibility;
EHS Management and Reporting;
Stakeholder Engagement
Janet McKenzie, EP(EMSLA) – Environmental Management Systems, EP(CEA) Ontario Legislation;
Management System Standards – OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001
Mike Kwiecien, EP
Specializations: Health and Safety, Environmental Manager, Water Quality, Site Assessment and Reclamation, Waste Management
Ontario GHG;
Environmental Impact Assessment
Sandra Tavares, EP, EP(EMSLA) – Environmental Management Systems
Specialization: Sustainability
Ontario Legislation;
Management Systems Standards – ISO 26000, 14001, OHSAS 18001
Linda Byron, EP(EMSLA) – Environmental Management Systems Ontario Environmental Legislation
Project Management (Environment)
EHS Management and Reporting
Steve Lamming, EP
Specialization: Air Quality
Ontario Environmental Impact Assessment & Project Permitting
Air Quality Management
GHG Quantification and Reduction Planning

If you would like more information on the EP licensed trainer program, please contact us at EPtrainer@eco.ca.