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We award Certification after a rigorous review of your education, employment history and assessment of environmental skills and competencies.

Before you apply, ensure that you are prepared with the following:

Work Experience

5+ Years of Environmental employment in Canada (for EP applicants only)


Recognized Canadian college diploma or university degree, or equivalent international credentials


Be ready to identify your environmental specialization(s) and assess your experience in each area

Code of Ethics

Be accountable to several rules of professional conduct and responsibility for environmental stewardship

Certification Levels and Fees

Environmental Professional in-training (EPt)

While EPs must meet minimum work experience and competency standards, EPts are not required to meet the same standards due to limited experience.

EP Auditor

EP Auditor applicants must write an exam and participate in an auditing evaluation in addition to meeting the above requirements.

Cost to Apply

EP Applicants $250 + Certification Fee $230

EPt Applicants $200 + Certification Fee $130

EP Compliance Auditor Applicants $450 + Certification Fee $200

EP Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor Applicants $450 + Certification Fee $200

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Pay Your Application Fee

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Upon confirmation of payment you’ll be able to access your member account

Documentation and Review

Gather your resume and three references who can evaluate your expertise

Certification Approvals

Once we receive your application, you will be guided through the certification process by our program coordinator.

The Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) will determine final approval.