When you apply to be an EP®, we’ll ask you to identify your environmental specializations and then rate your competency in these areas. Your peer references will then validate your stated experience and competency.

EP specializations are set by the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for environmental employment, including 14 diverse areas related to Environmental Protection, Resource Management, and Environmental Sustainability.

Each specialization has a unique set of standards for proficiency, creating the foundation for EP Certification. This allows you to gain recognition for your skill set and demonstrate the entire scope of your expertise.

Learn more about the NOS and required competencies for certified Environmental Professionals in our NOS report, Competencies for Environmental Professionals in Canada. See the NOS report

Find your best fit in the EP® specializations overview

Explore the EP specializations below to identify the required competencies and make your best match. When you select your specializations, consider your current or most recent work experience.

EP® Specializations

Environmental Manager

Environmental managers lead the integration of knowledge, systems thinking, and strategic decision making in their organizations. Their interdisciplinary work encompasses environmental protection, resource management, and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Manager. See the competency profile

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-Provide leadership, accountability, and direction for organizations on environmental issues.
-Perform work focused on the integration of knowledge, systems thinking, and strategic decision-making related to environmental management.
-Involved in Environmental Protection Management or Sustainable Development Management.

Environmental Protection

Resource Management

Environmental Sustainability

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