Congratulations, you qualify to apply as an Environmental Professional in-training (EPt)

Thanks for taking the EP Assessment. At this time, you are eligible to apply for EPt Certification!

Why become an EPt?

EPt members maintain their designation until they are ready to upgrade to full EP certification to showcase their commitment to the profession. You’ll also gain these exclusive member benefits:

  • Receive formal recognition of your career development journey
  • Join a broad network of environmental professionals in various industries across Canada.
  • Exclusive access to the Mentorship Program.
  • Save with member discounts on professional development and networking events, including 5% off our ECO Canada online training and webinars and access free resources including the Job Seeker Playbook.

Choose your Specialization

When applying for the EPt designation, you may select up to two specializations to define your career path and track your progress. Each specialization is related to four core areas:

  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Protection
  • Resource Management
  • Environmental Sustainability

We recommend you apply for specialization(s) you’d like to enhance your environmental skills and competencies in, so you are eligible to upgrade to full EP Certification once you reach 5 years of work experience.

Your Next Steps to EPt Certification

Since you’re already pre-qualified to apply for EPt, here’s your next steps:

  • Take the NOS Assessment

  • Prepare For Board Approval

  • Successful Certification!

Take the Next Step

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