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Premium Access To Career Building Resources | Designed To Help Final Year Students | Accepting Only 500 Students For November 2020 Intake | Registration Deadline: October 15, 2020

Be Proactive About Your Future

As an added benefit to students from all environmental programs across Canada, we are unlocking access to the EP in-training designation while you are still in school!
If you are in the final year for your program, keep reading – we’ve got some great stuff to offer.

Did You Know?

Only 2% Of Resumes Ever Ger Noticed By Recruiters


Make your resume stand out and get noticed by recruiters. With EPt Student you get access to professional cover letter and resume templates, job seeker tips, and invitations to EP networking events to help you practice marketing yourself.

Good Grades Alone Won't Secure Your Dream Job


“Learning creates knowledge. Knowledge creates expertise. Expertise creates value.” This program will train you on essential soft skills that employers demand, setting you up for life after graduation.

You Don't Have To Be The Boss To Have Leadership Skills


Companies are looking to hire new graduates that show initiative. Upgrade to practicing EPt status upon graduation and show prospective employers that you are a leader.

Already graduated? Click here to begin your Practicing EPt application.

Start Building Your Career Options Now

Get Ahead With A Membership That Will Set You Up For Life After Graduation

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    Essential Skills 100 Training Package

    What’s Included? 

    This package is an introduction to the top skills employers look for in candidates. It provides feedback on strengths and areas to improve as you enter the working world. Receive the Professional Communication module for FREE as part of the Pilot.

    • Essential Skills Pre-Assessment (includes a detailed learning plan based on results)
    • Professional Communication
    • Project Management Basics
    • Technical Writing Basics
    • Essential Skills Post-Assessment (includes a detailed learning plan on results)

    NOTE: Participants in the pilot program who upgrade to Practicing EPt at the end of the 6-month pilot will receive the entire package free of charge.

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    Free Benefits

    What’s Included? 
    • Job search templates
    • Wage-funding pre-approval
    • Access to all ECO Canada webinars
    • Access to ECO Canada Resource Library
    • Access to Year 1 of the EPt Professional Development Training Framework
    • Self-assessment competency tool
    • Upgrade to practicing EPt status upon graduation
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    Additional Benefits

    What’s Included? 
    • 25% Off on online training and annual ECO Impact Event
    • Exclusice access to EPt Student LinkedIn Networking Group
    • Free EP Meet Up access
    • Pre-register for EP Mentorship Program
    • Member directory placement

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