ECO Canada produces comprehensive environmental Labour Market Information (LMI) that describes important facts and figures related to employment. We have gathered this rich information and are presenting it to you  in a monthly series of info-graphic reports known as ‘snapshots of supply & demand’. Each ‘snapshot’ is of a different sub-sector related to environmental work and is based on ECO Canada’s Sector Model for Environmental Employment:

Sector Model for Environmental Employment

Venn DiagramJuly 2015:                                   August 2015:                       September 2015:    

S                                                  A                                                W
U                                                  I                                                 A
S                                                  R                                                 T
T                                                                                                     E
A                                                  Q                                                R
I                                                   U
N                                                 A                                                Q
A                                                  L                                                U
B                                                  I                                                 A
I                                                   T                                                 L
L                                                  Y                                                 I
I                                                                                                      T
T                                                                                                     Y

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