Now Accepting Site Reviewer Applications!

The Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission is dedicated to environmental education and ensures programs reflect a culture of continual quality enhancement.

ECO Canada invites Site Reviewer applicants to apply for this volunteer position.  Site Reviewers will participate in prospective Site Visits, conduct a thorough assessment using a set of Standards, and recommend post-secondary environmental programs for national accreditation to the CEAC.

ECO Canada Qualification Criteria

Site Reviewers must possess the following qualifications:

  • Must reflect both ECO Canada’s and the CEAC’s national perspective of accreditation and its collaborative practice approach.
  • Demonstrate interest in improving environmental education
  • Have formal education with recognized distinction in the area of study
  • Possess a degree appropriate in or related to the environmental field
  • Have experience with accreditation, auditing, and/or quality improvement processes
  • Minimum 10 years in the environmental field
  • Senior leadership role is preferred

Candidates will be contacted based on their area of specialization.  Ideal volunteer candidates must self identify as an:

a) Academic Expert:

  • Possess a proficient understanding of post-secondary institution program requirements, as well as the capacity to effectively evaluate an institution’s ability to deliver an environmental program.
  • Hold a position as an authority of an environmental program: Dean, Director, Department Head, and/or Faculty member of a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.

b) Industry Experts:

  • Possess expertise relating specifically to the environmental field to ensure that graduates will obtain an education that adequately prepares students to function as successful environmental professionals in and outside the institutional environment.
  • A practicing environmental professional; must possess relevant experience in the last 10 years.
  • Must have experience with Management System Standards and familiarity with auditing guidelines.

Site Reviewer Benefits

Successful candidates and their representative organizations that complete the preparatory training, program assessment, and recommendation report phases to accredit environmental programs will receive:

  1. Recognition on ECO Canada’s website and any relevant publications.
  2. Professional development credits, applicable towards their annual maintenance requirements for their EP designation or respective association.
  3. An opportunity to be a part of the development of an accreditation system that will benefit environmental education programs, students, and the environmental sector.
  4. An opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and information with peers who share expertise and interest in human resource issues impacting the environmental sector.
  5. Experience and information about accreditation to benefit and enhance his/her own program.

Candidates are selected based on qualifications and eligibility requirements.  Academic and Industry experts who wish to volunteer for the position of Site Reviewer can submit their Site Reviewer Application Form and current CV to accreditation@eco.ca.  Applications are accepted throughout the year and candidates will be selected based on the number of environmental programs seeking accreditation.