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Contaminated Site Regulation in Canada (Webinar Recording)

Live webinar recorded July 27, 2016


There’s significant legal, safety and reputation risks for managing contaminated sites in Canada. Get up-to speed on the regulations that may affect you.

Recent high-profile accidents, including the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion and the Lac Mégantic derailment have increased public pressure on governments to regulate the aftermath of site contamination accidents during the course of day-to-day business operations.

In Canada, the range of legal risks resulting from contaminated sites are quite extensive. In some provinces, governments only regulate contaminated sites during the sale and purchase of lands. In other provinces, you may be required to remediate a contaminated site as soon as a spill is made.

Join Supriya Tandan, Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety Legal Department at Nimonik, as she shares trends, up-to-date knowledge and case studies related to contaminated sites regulations.

Attend this webinar to mitigate legal, safety and reputational risks for your organization, including identifying which procedures to follow and the consequences for not following these procedures.

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Contaminated site regulations impact diverse roles in a variety of industries.

This webinar course is designed for environmental professionals who need fundamentals to support a project, need new up-to-date knowledge to fulfill job requirements, or are interested in trends, drivers, and how it impacts bottom line.

This may include:

  • Senior management
  • Consultants
  • Auditors
  • Consultants
  • Technicians
  • Project managers
  • Monitors
  • Operators


During this 90 minute webinar, get up-to-date information on spill regulations and resulting contaminated sites:

  • Understand at which stages of your project’s life cycle you will interact with contaminated site regulation
  • Understand the steps to be taken when a spill occurs
  • Gain up-to-date knowledge and information to influence decision-makers on consequences of not complying with contaminated sites regulation
  • Learn how to read regulation of contaminated sites to make educated decisions on project location requirements.
  • Learn about the liabilities that other executives have incurred as a result of spills and contaminated sites
  • Determine the steps you need to take when a spill happens. Calculate the fines that you may get if you don’t follow the required steps.

Plus, have an opportunity to ask your specific questions in the last 15-20 minutes of the webinar.


The responsibility and liability for a spill and resulting contaminated sites may climb all the way up to company executives. Punishment for not remediating land properly can result in hefty fines and/or imprisonment.

In addition, contaminated sites can impact your organization’s bottom line. The contamination of a site is a significant predictor of land valuation. Consequently, the purchase or sale of contaminated sites is heavily regulated by most provincial governments. Additionally, during the operation of your project you may cause a spill that will contaminate a site and, depending on where your site is located, you may be required to make significant investments in remediation.

Contaminated sites can also impact the safety of the public, with incidents ranging from minor to injury to loss of life.


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    • What is the course format?
      This webinar is 90 minutes in duration. Participants asked the presenter questions in the last 15-20 minutes of the webinar.
    • When did the live webinar take place?
      The live webinar took place on July 27, 2016
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Supriya Tandan, Vice-President of Environmental, Health and Safety Legal Department, Nimonik, Montréal

As Vice-President of Nimonik, Supriya works at the intersection of environmental, health and safety (EHS) science, law and technology. Trained as an ecosystem ecologist and passionate about EHS policy and legislation, she manages content for the Nimonik website and helps wide variety of clients understand how legislation and legislative changes will affect their operations.

Supriya is passionate about innovating and communicating how operations and organizations can understand, apply and comply with evolving legislative requirements.

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Regulation of spills and resulting contaminated sites matter.

“In a sense, it is the primordial environmental problem. The way in which we use the land, how it impacts others and how the government can decide on when this matters.”

– Supriya Tandan, Webinar host