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Fundamentals of Environmental Consulting

$495 | EPs and EPts SAVE 25% | 10 HRS

Consulting the Pros for Consulting Success.

What does it take to excel in environmental consulting? Find out in Fundamentals of Environmental Consulting, a course that shows you how to work effectively with your employer, clients, contractors, and regulators, and to keep yourself safe on the job.

Hear from environmental consulting professionals about the challenges you’ll face as a consultant, what employers look for, and how to translate client needs into actionable items.

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This course is ideal for:

  • Entry and junior environmental professionals newly employed in an environmental consulting organization
  • Transitioning workers who are seeking employment in an environmental consulting organization


This course is an introduction to environmental consulting designed for professionals with little or no experience working in a consulting environment.

Consulting 101 features an innovative online format full of engaging video interviews, hands-on activities, and practical workbooks to help you excel in the environmental consulting industry.

Learn the six key topics to help you master typical challenges on the job for consulting professionals.

  • Understand the expectations of your employer and how you fit within the organization.
  • Learn the types of clients you’ll work with and how you fit within their process.
  • Practice translating client needs into actionable items.
  • Work effectively with contractors by knowing how to respond to critical situations.
  • Understand and address regulators’ needs by knowing how their guidelines will affect your work and the best ways to communicate with them.
  • Stay safe by knowing how to use a health and safety plan and be proactive about your safety.


Learn the six key topics to help you master typical challenges on the job for consulting professionals. Once you complete all six topics, you’ll receive a formal Certificate of Completion to showcase your skill development.

1. Fundamentals of Environmental Consulting
2. Working for Your Employer
3. Working with Clients
4. Working with Contractors
5. Working with Regulators
6. Staying Safe


  • What’s the deadline to enrol?
    There are no set enrolment dates, so you can start this on-demand course at any time. Once you’ve purchased the course, you’ll have 6 months of full course access.
  • What is the course format?
    This is an online, self-directed course. You’ll learn practical skills through expert videos, real-life scenarios, workbooks, and more.
  • How will I be recognized once I’ve completed the course?
    You’ll receive a formal Certificate of Completion once you’ve completed all of the required course topics and written the final exam. This course also counts towards professional development credits for EP Certification.
  • Do I need to buy separate course materials (e.g. textbooks, guides, etc.)?
    All of your learning materials are included, so you don’t need to buy anything extra.
  • How long does this course take?
    It takes about 10 to 15 hours to complete the course. You choose the pace and order that you want to complete the course topics.



Niche environmental consulting establishments have emerged to meet the demand for environmental expertise.

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