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What the Emerging Trends in Ecosystem Service Policy Mean for Industry


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Explore what these new and upcoming policies mean for the natural resource sector and learn how your business can adapt.

In this free 60 minute webinar, senior management, consultants, and project managers in the natural resource sector will learn:

  • How natural capital and ecosystem services are defined.
  • The current status of policies in Alberta that allow for the use of conservation offsets and what it means to industry.
  • How ecosystem services-based regulation is being piloted by industry in Alberta.
  • The upcoming opportunities and challenges for industry.


  • Impacts an organizations bottom line

Incorporating natural capital into decision making adds value to a company by reducing supply chain risk, providing access to new revenue streams, and helping navigate the shift to outcome-focused regulation.

  • Impacts an organizations reputation

Societal values can affect a company’s social license to operate when the company is perceived as having a negative impact on the environment. In recent years, maintaining social license has become imperative for natural resource extraction sectors. Natural capital assessments help identify all impacts and dependencies a firm has on the natural environment which may mitigate the loss of social license to operate by identifying these impacts early on.

  • Legal environment may change

Currently, companies are not required to track their impacts and dependencies on natural capital in Western Canada, but we could see a shift in this outlook in the future.


  • How do I access the webinar?
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  • How long is the webinar?
    This webinar is 60 minutes in duration. Participants will be able to ask the presenter questions in the last 15 minutes of the webinar.
  • Do I need to prepare my computer?
    In order to participate in a WebEx session, you need to install a WebEx extension.


Toni Andersonn
Toni Anderson, M.Sc.F, EPt – Resource Analyst, Silvacom

Toni Anderson joined Silvacom in 2013 as a resource analyst. She has a Business degree with a concentration in International Business and Economics and a Master’s of Science in Forestry, with a focus on Forest Economics, both from the University of New Brunswick.

She is a subject matter expert in ecosystem service valuation, specifically estimating the willingness to pay for improvements in services like water quality and wildlife habitat. She is currently the lead analyst on the Algar Ecosystem Service project, estimating the changes in ecosystem services derived from linear restoration. This project is focused on incorporating linear restoration benefits into current and upcoming government policy in Alberta.

Toni is passionate about encouraging private sector uptake of natural capital accounting and assessing ecosystem services. She believes valuing nature and highlighting its worth is essential to improve land management in today’s world.

Andrew Vandenbroeck
Andrew Vandenbroeck B.Sc.F, MBA, RPF – Project Manager, Silvacom

Andrew Vandenbroeck has over 10 years of consulting experience, joining Silvacom in 2006. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick and an MBA from the University of Athabasca. He is also a Registered Professional Forester. Andrew currently leads a team of analysts in delivering analytical and technical solutions to land management challenges for forestry, energy, and utility companies.

As a forester, Andrew has extensive experience in natural resource management and managing competing land uses. Andrew is currently the project manager for the Algar Ecosystem Service project, using his background as a RFP to estimate the biophysical effects of linear restoration on a suite of ecosystem services.

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