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Data Engineer and Analyst

Company: ValueInfinity Inc.
Location : Mississauga,ON

* This is an ECO Canada Youth Employment Program position. Preference will be given to pre-approved candidates. For more information on this program please visit: https://www.eco.ca/employers/internship-program/
Company Profile

ValueInfinity is a management consulting firm relentless working to take customers to the next level of capability and maturity.

We firmly believe that people, though they rarely realize it, have infinite potential. We help our clients unlock this potential and bring real, sustainable benefits to their supply chain, product life cycle, and operations management by engaging in ‘Transformation with Purpose’. We help develop a true sense of purpose in change and define a clear strategy for the future.

Job Description

At ValueInfinity, we relentlessly work on helping customers build internal capabilities, make data oriented decisions.
If you are passionate about data, and creation of value from data, if you always look to improve the process of data to intelligence, this is a great opportunity for you.

Design and develop reporting process, tools that are going to help improve the decisions in a consistent manner. 

Evaluate Data Quality aspects of the process, and investigate and provide innovative solutions to improve. 

Support ongoing development of ValueInfinity Innovation Platform. 

Data modeling, ETL tools, Integration with multiple reporting tools, API, cloud based technology

Good communication skills

Programming language: python, java
Database language – SQL

Individuals will need to work both independently and as part of team on product development, and project related deliverables. Will be supervised by the project management in a daily and weekly manner.

Will be provided training on document creation, consulting methodology to ensure smooth communication within and between teams.