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Passive Acoustic Monitor

Company: Dovre Canada Limited
Location : St. John's,NL
Job Description

Key Responsibilities include:

Monitor a designated area for protected species and implement any mitigation measures as per project guidelines

Accurately record sightings and complete logs associated with daily sighting activities.

Operate and maintain field equipment

Operate and troubleshoot PAM equipment

Accurately detect and localize protected species

Communicate any detections with the Marine Mammal & Seabird Observer on deck

Provide daily, weekly and final project reports for seismic clients and all regulating bodies.

Provided information to seismic operators/regulators regarding compliance with project and regional specific marine mammal mitigation regulations.


A degree in; or pursuing a degree in; marine biology, environmental sciences, physics, ecosystems, earth sciences, fisheries, Engineering, technology or a considerably strong background in a Marine Mammal Discipline.

This position has a large responsibility, with the decision authority to delay or stop a multi-million dollar seismic activity. A strong decisive, and rational personality is beneficial.

Must have a good understanding of the Statement of Canadian Practice and The Species at Risk Act, along with a basic theory of seismic exploration.

A good attitude to conducting monitoring periods of concentrated effort, often for long days and several consecutive weeks

Ability and experience to identify a range of marine mammal acoustic signals

Ability to assemble, deploy and configure PAM equipment to optimize signal-to-noise ratio