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Science Communication Operations Manager

Company: Fuse Consulting Ltd.
Location : Spruce Grove,AB
Company Profile

Fuse Consulting Ltd. is a fast paced, flexible company that connects knowledge to practice in the fields of forestry, land restoration and conservation biology. We believe that by communicating science in clear, creative, and credible ways, we can empower decision makers to make choices that matter. We achieve this by growing a team of talented scientists and illustrators to bring knowledge to life using illustrations and professional writing. You will often see us producing interpretive signs for local conservation agencies, drawing infographics for scientists, or designing and delivering facilitated workshops for industry and government managers to help bring people and ideas together to address pressing challenges in conservation and resource management.

Job Description

As our organization grows, so too have our operational needs. We are looking for an Operations Manager who can help us refine internal processes and procedures, manage internal resourcing and workplans, and assist with day to day operations and systems within the organization. If you are the type of person who thrives on the opportunity to organize and implement processes and procedures, while having an appreciation for the need for flexibility and creativity, we want to hear from you.
This is a senior position within Fuse Consulting, reporting directly to the company partners. The Operations Manager will be expected to bring experience and leadership in project management to Fuse and will assist with the following tasks:

Project management

  • Translate company-wide strategic and financial workplans into efficient and clear workplans for company partners and staff, adjusting these as required.
  • Manage and support the day-to-day activities of five to ten science communication and graphic design specialists, both in-person and using the company project management system, Asana—including but not limited to
  1. ensuring clear communication across projects and staff,
  2. designing project templates and task lists,
  3. checking in on project progress and balancing workloads, and
  4. monitoring projects from initiation through to delivery to meet client goals, timelines and budget projections.
  • Refine and manage quality control procedures to ensure high value solutions for our clients.

Internal communication

  • Provide weekly direction and feedback to staff to ensure that activities are aligned to the company’s strategic goals and client needs.
  • Assist with streamlining communication throughout the organization by implementing clear processes and procedures and by leveraging Asana.
  • Serve as mediator to internal issues and conflicting priorities for members of cross-functional teams while supporting director-staff relationships.
  • Exercise strong judgement and problem solving to keep projects moving forward.

Proposal development

  • Collaborate with Fuse leadership team in proposal development activities such as project budgeting, contracting, and writing.

Business administration

  • Assist with financial reporting and financial oversight, in consultation with the company partners.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.
  • Bachelor’s degree in an environment-related field, in business administration, or in the arts. Certificates or training in business administration and project management are considered strong assets.
  • A minimum of 5 years leading and/or managing small and large projects, with competing timelines and staff resourcing requirements.
  • Experience in designing processes and implementing project management principles leading to improved outcomes.
  • A unique ability to translate big picture visions into clear, actionable plans.
  • Dynamic problem solver, solid analytical skills, comfortable challenging assumptions in a respectful, positive way and offering solutions/making decisions with currently available information.
  • Results oriented with strong personal accountability and drive.
  • Excellent oral and written communication, presentation, and listening skills.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite and with project management and invoicing software. Experience with Asana is considered a significant asset.
  • A passion for client success by ensuring that teams are responsive, following through on commitments, and constantly challenging teams to do better.

This is a full-time continuing position with the potential to work in a 0.7 or 0.8 FTE capacity if desired. The position will include a 3-month probation period and will be based in Spruce Grove, AB. Salary will be commensurate with experience and the position also includes a comprehensive health benefits plan and a fun, people-centered work culture focused on your personal and professional development. Working from a home-based office may be possible or required.
If this role sounds like an ideal fit for you, please submit a resume and cover letter to connect@fuseconsulting.ca. Please ensure your cover letter is clear, concise, and articulates how you can leverage your experience and unique abilities in organization and process development to advance the goals of Fuse and our clients.

About the Company:
Fuse Consulting Ltd. is an established firm that specializes in science communication in the fields of forestry, land reclamation and conservation biology. We have been operating for six years and have worked with some of the most progressive companies and organizations in Canada. We focus on using modern techniques to communicate science and connect knowledge to practice.

  • We are one of the pioneers in the use of infographics and 360 photo/video tours in science communication.
  • Our clients depend on us to help connect science to real world applications.
  • We are always experimenting with new techniques to make an impact with our work.
  • Our team culture is built around helping everyone achieve their very best.