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Source Sampling Technician

Company: ORTECH Consulting Inc.
Location : Mississauga,ON

* This is an ECO Canada Youth Employment Program position. Preference will be given to pre-approved candidates. For more information on this program please visit: https://www.eco.ca/employers/internship-program/
Company Profile

ORTECH Consulting inc (“ORTECH “) is a division of Kontrol Energy (CSE: KNR), a leader in energy efficiency solutions and technology.specializes in ensuring regulatory, contractual or public relations issues do not negatively affect our client's bottom line, projects or operations. 

Services Include:

Ambient Air Monitoring: Since the 1950's, ORTECH has been designing, implementing and operating ambient airshed monitoring networks for industrial clients. Ambient air stations include both fixed and fully instrumented mobile monitoring capabilities. Parameters monitored range from simple air quality meteorological indicators to complex volatile organics and fine particulates. Programs are custom-designed to suit a wide variety of industrial and compliance needs ranging from continuous air shed monitoring to non-continuous fence line monitoring.

Compliance and Permitting Services: ORTECH provides our clients with a comprehensive approach to air quality management. We deliver ready access to a multi-disciplinary team of air, noise, and water quality experts, providing solutions to complex industrial process issues. Our detailed understanding of a wide variety of business sectors through our senior staff's experience allows us to support client's needs in corporate and local air quality issues and sustainable development.

Emission (Source) Testing: ORTECH has more than 50 years of practical experience in the characterization and assessment of air emissions for industrial stacks and all other types of point sources.  A comprehensive and up-to-date range of test equipment is used to carry out programs based on Environment Canada, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ontario, Ministry of the Environment and California Air Resources Board test protocols. ORTECH has the largest inventory of emission test equipment and the most emission test expertise available anywhere in Canada.

Odour Assessment Services : ORTECH has provided odour assessment services for over 50 years to our clients in Ontario and other Provinces, the United States and occasionally in other countries.  Procedures for the collection of odour samples, evaluation of these samples using an olfactometer and community odour surveys have been developed by ORTECH during this period.  Many of these developments have been presented as scientific papers and incorporated into official testing protocols recognized by provincial and international agencies.

Analytical Laboratory Services: ORTECH operates an analytical chemistry laboratory which specializes in the analysis of fuel gases for heating value components as well as contaminants which may affect the transmission and combustion of these fuels.

Job Description

Emissions Testing Group – Environmental Technician

ORTECH Consulting Inc. is seeking a dynamic individual to join its Source Evaluation – Emissions Testing Group as an Environmental Technician (Source Emission Specialist) for the Mississauga, Ontario office.  Salary and benefits will be discussed during interviews.  Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted; Interviews are expected to be held near the end of March 2020.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Will be working as part of a team performing field evaluations of source emissions in industrial settings
• Working at heights (heavy lifting is required)
• Perform calibrations of measurement and analytical instrumentation, and maintain calibration records
• Perform analysis of gas samples using several gas chromatography applications
• Log, ship and receive sample containers
• Keep track of lab supplies and gas cylinder inventories
• Perform equipment maintenance and prepare test equipment for field work
• Assist in other laboratory/shop duties as needed


• Must have valid Class G drivers license and provide drivers abstract
• Frequent extended travel will be required to conduct field testing programs
• Must be physically fit and able to work at heights
• Experience with data processing (Excel), report writing (Microsoft Word), and data acquisition systems
• Mechanical aptitude and electronics background is an asset


• Ability to foster and maintain excellent working relationships with co-workers and clients
• An aptitude for problem solving in the field
• Ability to work in and contribute to project teams
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to multi-task
• Exceptional organizational skills

Please send resumes to:

Mr. Chris Belore
Principal, Emission Testing
ORTECH Consulting Inc.
804 Southdown Road, Mississauga, ON, L5J 2Y4
Fax: (905) 855-0406
E-mail: cbelore@ortech.ca