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Women Reclaiming Leadership: Creating Inclusive & Diverse Workplaces Toolkit

Women Reclaiming Leadership Toolkit Sector growth and increasing retirements, means ensuring that environmental organizations have a sustainable, diverse, and qualified…


Indigenous Environmental Leadership Pathways Program

NEW & FREE: Certificate in Indigenous Environmental Leadership Pathways Apply Now SUPPORTING INDIGENOUS LEADERSHIP Free, 100% Online Indigenous Environmental Leadership…


Environmental Foreign Talent Development

Environmental Foreign Talent Development Preparing International Talent for the Canadian Workforce Immigrants accounted for two thirds of Canada’s labour force…


Integrated Water Management Program with SAIT

Diploma in Integrated Water Management By 2025, there will be over 173,000 job openings in the sustainability sector. Graduating with…


EP Employer Designation

EMPLOYERS EP Employer Designation Instant Authority and Recognition as Canada’s Environmental Leader ECO Canada’s EP Employer Designation helps companies recruit…


Planting the Seeds of the Environmental Workforce

How ECO Canada Evolved Planting the Seeds of the Environmental Workforce The world is very different than it was in…
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