About Environmental Careers Organization
(ECO) Canada

We are the steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across all industries.

From job creation and wage funding, to training and labour market research – we champion the end-to-end career of an environmental professional.

Our aim is to promote and drive responsible, sustainable economic growth while also ensuring that environmental care and best practice is a priority. For nearly 30 years, we have developed academic partnerships, tools, and research to not only train and certify environmental professionals – we also help to fill the labour market. 

Our labour knowledge spans nationally across all provinces and territories, as well as within major Canadian resource segments including energy, forestry and mining, as well as manufacturing, construction, engineering, agriculture, and technology. 

It is our mandate and job to excel in providing tailored HR solutions for environmental workers – departments that are part of all industry companies today Our services hit every touch point within the environmental workforce from educational development, to certification and soft skills training – we serve our members to ensure they can build and grow their careers.

Environmental Professionals Certified
Environmental Jobs Created
Accredited Environmental Programs
Wage Funding Distributed


To ensure an adequate supply of people with the demonstrated skills and knowledge required to meet the environmental human resource needs of the public and private sectors.


To build the world’s leading environmental workforce.

Core Values

Independence: We maintain independence in all areas of activity from funding to the development of policy positions.

Service & Quality: We strive to provide value to industry, employers and the workforce by ensuring high quality products and services.

Responsibility: The collective interest of our members is paramount over the individual needs of any particular member. By reflecting the collective interests of our members and stakeholders in our policy positions and initiatives, we will achieve the broader needs of society.

Sustainability: The need to consider not only the protection of the environment, but also human health and quality of life of individuals and communities achieved through prosperity and an equitable participation of all, is a principle that underlie all our activities.

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