Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources (BEAHR)

Environmental Workforce Training Programs For Indigenous Communities

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Short-Term, Culturally Relevant and Practical Skill Building

Since 2006, BEAHR Indigenous training and employment programs has helped First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities across Canada to develop local environmental skills and foster green careers. These flexible courses provide introductory training to those who want to work in the environmental sector in Canada.

All BEAHR courses are designed to be:

  • Short-term (2-16 weeks)
  • Employment driven
  • Blended with Local and Traditional Knowledge
  • Practical, with hands-on field experience
  • Inclusive of Elder and/or Traditional Knowledge Holder participation
  • Adaptable to communities nationwide

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Over 3,000 students from 170 communities across Canada have become BEAHR graduates. Our courses offer both traditional and scientific knowledge, with formal and informal methods of learning. Graduates will be ready to enter the environmental field in an entry-level position.

These effective programs can be delivered directly by ECO Canada trainers or by organizations that are licensed through us. Licensed trainers can have numerous qualified instructors working for them, however, all trainers and instructors must be evaluated and approved by ECO Canada.

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What Participants are Saying

The fact that the program was delivered on reserve and taught with ties to our own communities was definitely a positive point. The classes were great. – Nova Scotia Graduate