Where To Find Available BEAHR Training

Our Licensed Trainers Provide Programs Across Canada

How It Works

  1. An Indigenous Community expresses interest in hosting a training program. They contact us or the nearest licensed training organization.
  2. The BEAHR training team works with the community and a licensed trainer to organize the delivery of the training program.
  3. Delivery of the program begins in the agreed upon location.
  4. When the program has completed, the Licensed Trainer grades the students (pass or fail) and the successful students will receive a certificate of completion.

Don’t see available training in your area?

If your community is interested in hosting an environmental training program, the first step is to determine the appropriate training organization. Contact us to get started.

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Trainer Spotlight

Elizabeth MacDonald, Insight Resources

Elizabeth has been a BEAHR licensed trainer for several years and has delivered numerous programs to students in the interior BC area. She has 20+ years of experience in providing Work Place Skills and Essential Skills training and workshops in both Kitimat, Kitamaat Village, Prince Rupert & Terrace.