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BEAHR Has Been Delivered to 3,000+ Indigenous Learners from Over 170 Communities Across Canada

Community Support with Training

The participation of the local community is a key component to the success of each program delivery.

Key areas for involvement from Community include:

  • Pre-screening potential students and selecting those who meet the prerequisites
  • Identifying Elders and other local knowledge holders who may be willing to work with the students during class and field instruction
  • Identifying local industry who may be willing to speak to the students or host site visits
  • Assisting with the planning and organizing of a community celebration for graduates of the program.
  • Assisting graduates in identifying local employment opportunities
  • Providing a venue for the training to take place

How It Works

  1. An Indigenous community expresses interest in hosting a training program. They look at the BEAHR courses offered and decide which training courses they would like delivered. (to see a full list of BEAHR Courses offered, click link below.
  2. Email beahr@eco.ca or call 403-233-0748 to connect with the BEAHR program coordinator and determine which courses are most suited for your community’s needs.
  3. BEAHR Program Coordinator at ECO works with Community to determine:
    1. How many community members wish to participate in training;
    2. When training will begin (what month/day); and
    3. Where the training will take place (within local community, in nearby training/community center, in partnership with local industry…)
  4. ECO Canada will develop a quote for the training services, based on the details determined between community and ECO.
  5. ECO Canada organizes everything (orders student manuals, organizes all logistics with trainer, student supplies, etc.) required for training success.
  6. Once training is complete, students receive a nationally recognized ECO Canada Certificate of Completion based on the training programs that were delivered.

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If you would like environmental training to support workforce development for your community, contact us to get started.

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Trainer Spotlight

Elizabeth MacDonald, Insight Resources

Elizabeth has been a BEAHR licensed trainer for several years and has delivered numerous programs to students in the interior BC area. She has 20+ years of experience in providing Work Place Skills and Essential Skills training and workshops in both Kitimat, Kitamaat Village, Prince Rupert & Terrace.