BEAHR Guiding Principles: How ECO Canada Commits to Develop Meaningful Relationships with Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Peoples need to participate fully in, and benefit from, Canada’s emerging environmental sector and the expansion of new jobs within the market

In 2001, a partnership between ECO Canada and the Aboriginal Human Resource Council (AHRC) led to the emergence of our flagship program, the Indigenous Environmental BEAHR (Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources) Training Program.  BEAHR was established with the aim of increasing the participation of Indigenous talent in the environmental sector.

Guiding Principles

Our relationship with Indigenous peoples is founded on respect. Respect for their distinct cultures, history, unique relationship to the land and the legal status of Indigenous Peoples.  We are committed to collaborating with Indigenous Peoples and their communities to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships based on the values of honesty, and inclusion.

As an organization that aims to deliver training that is culturally relevant, and that blends Traditional Knowledge with Western Science while including Elder and Traditional Knowledge holder participation, it is paramount to center our efforts in the following principles:


ECO Canada works together with Indigenous communities and organizations to provide entry-level training to groups of students, so they can perform environmental work at an assistant level. For more information on training opportunities, download our program guide.


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