Building Your Green Career

Post by: A. Popilian, ECO Canada

You need a job to get work experience, but you need experience to get a job. Catch 22, right?

At ECO Canada, we try to help people get ahead in their environmental careers. For entry-level to intermediate professionals building green careers, we’ve identified a gap in information about getting ahead in the industry, and our goal is to fill it with the information you need to help you succeed.

In the last few months, we’ve created new guides and webinars for how to get hired and get ahead of the competition.

Our FREE Employability Guide features 20 + pages of tips and advice on how to kickstart your green career and get the skills that employers seek.

Our newest resource to help you get ahead and get hired is our FREE Employability Webinar. This webinar is filled with advice on how to tailor your resume, how to market yourself and build a personal brand, and how to ace your interviews. It was so popular the first time we hosted it twice.

At ECO Canada, we have over 20 years of labour market research from environmental employers; our industry benchmark data shows which sub-sectors are growing and where the demand for labour is. We’ve compiled the stats on which environmental sub-sectors are hiring, what type of roles are in demand, and where those jobs are by province and geographic area. As if that wasn’t cutting-edge enough, we’ve also compiled salary data and identified career paths within each sub-sector.

Beyond getting hired, it’s good to look ahead at where you want your career to go, and what type of steps you’ll need to take to build that growth.

At ECO Canada, we believe that mentorship can be an important building block on the path to a green career. As such, we’ve launched a Mentorship Program for our Certified members. Each quarter, we match our Environmental Professional-in-Training (EPt) members with our more senior Environmental Professional (EP) members to gain insights into working in the environment sector and the issues that affect them. EPs and EPts are matched based on their areas of specialization to make sure those being mentored are getting the best, most relevant career advice.

Our Employability Guide, our Get Ahead and Get Hired Webinar, and our Sub-Sector reports are available to everyone who wants to build their green career. The Mentorship Program is exclusive to our EP and EPt Certified members. For more info on membership, contact us at or visit our Certification page.

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  1. Please I need help to grow and build my green career am very passionate about the environment and would love to know how to get job opportunities.

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