Nearly 1 in 4 Environmental Professionals Are Set To Retire In The Next 10 Years

For over 25 years ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization) has helped nurture the environmental sector by connecting professionals to training programs, certifications, career development resources and labour market research.

Today there are around 689,900 environmental workers in Canada working in three main sectors; Environmental Protection, Resource Management and Sustainability.

In 2020 the environmental sector saw strong environmental job postings and our research expects there to be an additional 172,700 new jobs by 2024. These job openings will arise from both high levels of retirement and sector growth, creating immense opportunities for young practitioners and mid-level experienced professionals to further advance in their careers to senior roles.

As the sector attracts thousands of new professionals each year, ECO Canada is committed to providing environmental professionals with training, resources and tools to enhance their skills and to further distinguish themselves in a competitive workforce.

Who is Environmental Professional (EP)R for?

Environmental Professional (EP)R designation is unique and attracts certified professionals from a wide range of career disciplines such as Public Policy & Legislation, Engineering Services, Remediation, Agriculture, Life Sciences, Public Relations and Communications and Project Managers to name a few.

Why consider becoming an Environmental Professional (EP)R


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