The 2014 Top Environmental Organizations in Canada

Our annual ECO Impact Awards celebrate the top environmental employers and organizations. Find out how to get nominated and see the past winners. 

ECO Canada is recognizing this year’s top Canadian organizations that demonstrate environmental leadership by employing certified Environmental Professionals (EP).

Certified EPs are Canada’s most experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have been standardized on a national level. EPs exist across diverse industries and organizations across the country.

Organizations with certified EPs on staff demonstrate the highest level of commitment to the environment as they employ environmental experts that are experienced, knowledgeable and stay current with industry practices and standards.

The EP certification is awarded based on the evaluation of an individual’s competency level as compared to the National Occupational Standards (NOS). These standards were developed as a definitive guide of the skills and knowledge required for practitioners to perform environmental work within their specialized fields, such as sustainability, energy, water quality, and policy and legislation.

Open Quote EP Certification is an important way of demonstrating our professional competence to our clients. My staff get their Environmental Professional in-training designation and work towards the Environmental Professional designation in greenhouse gas reporting. Close Quote – Graham Harris, Blue Source Canada

Top Environmental Organizations

By percentage of certified environmental staff:

EP Champions*  EP Advocates** 
*EP Champion organizations have 50 per cent or more of their environmental staff certified
**EP Advocate organizations have 10 to 50 per cent of their environmental staff certified

By industry:

Environmental Consulting  Civil Engineering & Construction 

Oil & Energy  Utilities 

Government Administration  Higher Education 

Not an EP?
Learn more about the benefits of EP Certification and how to become a Certified Environmental Professional.


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